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why practice mindfulness |Meaningfulmoments |Meaning to PauseHave you noticed how “Mindfulness” has become the buzzword recently? One can find advice about virtually anything on the Internet these days, including how the practice of mindfulness can positively affect your life. Significant improvements in health and happiness have been reported by many that practice mindfulness.  It is important to point out that mindfulness is not associated with meditation. Rather, meditation assists us to be more mindful. But why has mindfulness become so popular?  This is not a new phenomenon, mindfulness has actually been around for countless years. It has roots in Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Mindfulness became significantly popular in the West mainly due to Jon Kabat-Zinn who developed the Mindfulness-Based Tension Reduction program in the 1970s. In the early 2000s, there was an explosion of research studies in mindfulness interventions which might describe why mindfulness has become so popular. In a society where stress and burnout are the standard, mindfulness provides an alternate experience of living that has been shown to provide huge benefits.

Why Practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness assists us to reframe our mind, refocus and regroup, and find more balance in our busy lives. Research study on mindfulness has revealed that there are lots of benefits to mindfulness, including*:

  • Improved capability to control emotions
  • Increased body immune system activity
  • Improvements in persistent pain levels
  • Improvements in stress, anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Enhanced ability to experience higher clarity and objectivity.

But How Can You Remember to Remember to Practice Mindfulness?

Today we move too fast – we are all so very busy trying to get it all done. Try as we might we may not be consciously in control of our thoughts. Our heads are filled with lists, errands, work, family and the chaos of everyday life… Our intentions are good, we want to add mindfulness to our days…but time slips away – the evening comes and most of us have not fully lived in the present moment or reflected on our greater purpose. But there is a solution:  The meaning to pause® bracelet. It provides a gentle vibration every 60 or 90 minutes to remind us to pause and practice mindfulness. Personally, I have seen that mindfulness assists in reducing stress, focus on what’s important, and reframe my mind to enjoy the positive in my life.  Visit site soon for free domestic shipping!

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