Can the practice of mindfulness really reduce cravings? Interesting question! In an article written by Kathryn Drury Wagner – February 14, 2018 she writes: “Buddhist beliefs include the concept of tanhā, which is discussed in the Four Noble Truths. It’s a thirst, a wish—it can be either mental or physical—and if linked toRead More →

There is no doubt that when we pause and practice mindfulness at regular intervals during our busy days we can connect with our inner self and add meaningful moments to our days. We start to experience our mind and ourselves differently. We get to enjoy feelings of peace, gratitude, relaxation,Read More →

Have you noticed how “Mindfulness” has become the buzzword recently? One can find advice about virtually anything on the Internet these days, including how the practice of mindfulness can positively affect your life. Significant improvements in health and happiness have been reported by many that practice mindfulness.  It is important toRead More →

“Being present is the only way to enjoy life to the fullest.” As Leo Babauta from writes, “The idea being present, being more conscious of life as it happens—may seem contradictory to those who are used to sacrificing living for pursuing their goals. But cultivating mindfulness will help you achieve yourRead More →

There are no available keywords for this post/page!A wealth of scientific data is showing how powerful the mind-body connection really is. It shows that a connection of our thoughts with the physical world around us can influence the other and even more evidence proving that certain emotional states can lead to chronic illnesses,Read More →