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There is no doubt that we live in troubling and unpredictable times. We are bombarded daily with reports of terrorism, war,  questionable politics, and more, not to mention the recent natural disasters caused by fire, floods, earthquakes, and other natural calamities.  It’s really hard to stay centered or be mindful in the middle of all this chaos!

In self-defense, some of us may need to be reminded how to remain calm and relatively sane! The only thing that we know for sure is

“There is Absolutely Nothing That Is For Sure!”

Pausing frequently for a few minutes during the day can give us the time we need to relax, refocus and calm our mind. Pausing is a powerful process that can most definitely calm anxieties.  Nevertheless, it takes an effort, after all, how can you remember to remember to pause?

That is why we created meaning to pause® bracelets, sometimes referred to as “functional jewelry” because they provide a gentle vibration every 60 or 90 minutes prompting you to pause, redirect your thoughts and focus on what’s important to you.

Here are some more techniques you can use in conjunction with a meaning to pause® bracelet:

1. Pause to Breathe

Breathing is one of one of the most basic functions of life and plays a huge part in calming anxiety. Deep breathing will soothe the anxious system, unwinds the artery wall muscles, and decrease the blood pressure, thereby helping in relaxing anxiety. One example of a deep-breathing technique: Place tongue behind the teeth on roof of mouth. Inhale gradually through the nose for about 5 seconds. Now exhale audibly through pursed lips for 8 seconds. Repeat the process. You will feel obvious relaxation after simply 4 times and renewed after 10 times. 

2. Pause to Mingle

We, humans, are social creatures and the company of others does help in calming stress and anxiety during unpredictable times

When we are with buddies, family, and peers,  we can share our fears with them, unload the nervous thoughts, and gain new points of view. Being with others also enhances the mind and chemically charges us, which then results in relief of stress and anxiety.

3. Pause for Meditation, Yoga, Walk or Workout

It is well documented that exercises do provide many benefits such as increased energy levels, a favorable chain reaction in the brain, and uplift of the mood, just to name a few. For example, a thirty-minute walk 3 to 4 times a week can work marvels for relaxing your mind, body and personal anxieties.

Yoga is understood to likewise have a variety of physical and psychological health benefits.

4. Pause For Music

The most direct pathway to alter the mood and re-frame one’s mind is through music. Music can uplift you, transport you mentally to a different time or place, make you feel romantic, rejuvenate you, and help you relax.  Try it, it is terrific for your overall well-being.

In conclusion, there are many more reasons to pause. With pausing it is possible to calm anxieties and discover peace and balance throughout unpredictable times.

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