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There is much written about mindfulness these days, and depending on which article you read, it either claims that:

1. Mindfulness can substantially enhance many aspects of your life, such as psychological or physical health and wellness, relationships, efficiency, and/or whatever you wish to enhance!

But you may have also read that:

2. Mindfulness is an over-hyped sham that does not make a distinction somehow!

So which is it?

Is mindfulness an easy means to drastically boost … practically whatever in your life?

In an article recently published in Psychology Today, Peggy Wupperman Ph.D. writes that:

“Mindfulness needs to be practiced. Initially, it can be challenging because one needs to develop the ability to be mindful, as well as being aware of the present experience;  even if that experience includes anxiety, anger, or urges. Thus, mindfulness practice can sometimes feel difficult and even painful.”

Mindfulness is not a magic bullet, but the Meaning to Pause bracelet is a wonderful tool to help you pause at pre-determined intervals to pause, regroup, reframe your mind and practice mindfulness.

Is mindfulness an over-hyped sham?

According to Peggy Wupperman Ph.D., hype about mindfulness has surpassed the evidence! This is due to some  researchers being overexcited about findings, and some journalists not understanding research. Some studies having logistical or design limitations, and/or results being exaggerated for profit or prestige. However, the research on mindfulness is still in the early stages, and the hype will likely die down in time.

She goes on to say that despite the hype, do not disregard research that has shown benefits of mindfulness in treating dysregulated behaviors (such as substance abuse or self-injury).

Likewise, the advantages of pausing frequently for the purpose of attending to dysregulated habits have proven to be very beneficial for many practitioners.

Case in point:  Alcoholism (from one of our customers)

“Before I got the Meaning to Pause Bracelet I would watch the clock all day long in hopes of completing another day of sobriety.  Sometimes my mind wanders dangerously and leads me to believe that I can drink again and possibly control it better a second time around.

I talked with my sister about these challenges and she mentioned she had a friend that had a bracelet that vibrated every 90 minutes to nudge someone to take action. She thought this was something I could try, so I bought one.

In only 1 day, I knew this was going to be my new best friend. No longer did time bother me like it did before. I trusted that every 90 minutes was going to be a milestone for me! Instead of the mantra “one day at a time”…I now use “90 minutes at a time!” I do not watch the clock and I do not obsess about time. I am free to enjoy my day and get on with my life. The 90 minute interval also allows me to do a “thought check.” Now, when the vibrate comes, I push out all negative thoughts and replace them with only positive uplifting thoughts that help me stay on track!

I have to say that the meaning to pause bracelet has saved my life. I know that sounds strong, but it really has.”

Can mindfulness technique, in fact, trigger damage?

Yes, Peggy Wupperman Ph.D. warns,  “in particular conditions– which could usually be resolved with the support of a certified specialist. As an example:

Because of the misconception that mindfulness implies constantly being tranquil as well as pleased, some individuals utilize exactly what they wrongly think to be mindfulness as a method to reject, subdue, or otherwise prevent adverse feelings. Nonetheless, persistent evasion of unfavorable feelings, in fact, triggers those feelings to boost with time.

Some individuals’ misconception of mindfulness might likewise lead them to revoke the feelings of others. As an example, I have actually listened to individuals slam others for being mad concerning oppression– with the admonishment that every person needs to simply “mindfully approve” whatever occurs.

Mindfulness might likewise be utilized in an effort to manage others. Instances consist of firms mandating mindfulness training to attempt to pacify workers as opposed to supplying far better working problems or habitable earnings.”

To conclude: Mindfulness is not a simple magic bullet but can be learned with practice.  Adopting mindfulness can help you gain an appreciation for many things and people in your life, leaving you feeling more at peace with yourself.

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